Sunday, 23 March 2008

BIOPRO Technology Femme One Home Harmoniser/Harmonizer Hoax Part II

This is what a biopro home harmoniser looks like when pulled apart. The shiney copper is supposed to eliminate, reduce, block Elloctor pollution in the home or whatever it is headquarters is claiming it to do.
AVOID BIOPRO - Made up solutions to a real problem.

BIOPRO Technology - Home Harmonizer Hoax

Hello All,

I was once a BIOPRO Technology consultant, albeit not a successful one. I must admit that the MLM industry if done right and professionally is a pretty decent business model.

Anyway, for two years I was trying to verify the science behind BIOPRO Technology's products. After much research I found the German Doctor who so called headed up the Institute of Bioenergetics. It turned out that he was a naturopath...according to my German source.

Anyway, I purchased a Home Harmoniser to help me reduce my exposure to EMF's/electropollution in the house. After requesting more information on how it worked and not receiving any data, I grew tired and dismantled the unit myself. I suspect not many people who paid in my case $200+ Aussie Dollars would actually pull apart. What I found was a plastic case and a flat piece of copper attached to the power plug. One doesn't have to be a scientist to work out that out.

I'm sorry to say I was a believer in the problem and what has turned out to be a ficticious solution.